Spring Equinox Ceremony

We join together in a 2.5 hour ceremony to connect with cyclical and astrological living, just as our ancestors did. 

Plant – Grow – Restore

I warmly invite you to invest in a beautiful ceremony, welcoming in the turn of the wheel that is Ostara – The Spring Equinox.

Tuesday 19th March 2024
18:30-21:00pm (you may arrive from 18:20)
Healing Fields, The Old Stores, Main Street, Bythorn, PE28 0QR
Exchange £30

All bookings are non-refundable. However, in certain circumstances can be transferred to future events.

Ceremony description:

 The equinox itself, is an occurrence that has been observed in various ways for thousands of years all over the planet. The coming of Spring is universally exciting, and absolutely worth celebrating! So lets celebrate together.

Ostara…Now is the time for new beginnings.

The time has come for life in full to begin anew. Light has triumphed over darkness! Day has overtaken the night! And things are growing!

Join me in ceremony as we welcome the return of spring. As we do this we breathe new energy into plans and projects that have been germinating in darkness. We honour themes of balance, new life and new beginnings by embodying the energy of this beautiful time.

The ceremony will be held in-between ley lines, and sacred geometry at Tree Henge as we honour the maiden element of our cycle, balance our divine masculine and feminine and send this fertile energy into the rest of our year.


What can I expect?

~ We begin by welcoming each other and connecting our energies in circle with a gentle meditation.
~ Learn to feel your energy, how this synchronises to spring and gift this to the Celtic goddess Oestre – the goddess of light.
~ Using journaling we connect with what is out of balance in our lives right now.
~ With this new, invigorating, high vibrational energy we join together to walk tree henge and ask for natures blessing.
~ We then join together for some reflection and a cup of herbal Ostara tea using plants and herbs known for light energy and balance.
~ Decorate your own cosmic intention egg and plant a beautiful sunflowers as we use this to manifest your intentions for the year.

~ To end we join together around a fire (weather permitting) with music and drums (bring your drums, your instruments, your voices) as we fully celebrate the energy of life. 

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to bring anything?
~ Bring something warm as part of the ceremony will be outdoors deeply immersed in nature.
~ Please bring some paper and a pen for any notes you need to take.

Is there parking?
~ Yes there is plenty of room for parking on the drive way. The gates will be open for you to park and I will be there to guide you in.

Until then may you always be blooming.

“I’ve been to almost every one of your ceremonies and I honestly don’t know how, at one point they weren’t in my life. Thank you for always creating something  so beautiful and a space for me to heal” .


“Ali I Love your energy!  The way you create this space for us and the creative element makes my heart smile. I love your circles. Thank you for bringing this into my life”.


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