Spirit Animal Activation

If you have connected with an animal in your lifetime.
You are truly rich.
– Wildflowers

Animals are supremely spiritual beings in their own right. We as humans have long overlooked this and have often thought of them as somehow inferior to us in all ways. When we make the connection that animals are part of us and part of the greater cosmic fabric that makes up our lives, then we can truly begin to learn more about the world around us, the world within us, and the spiritual nature of the cosmos.

When we stop to connect, listen and embody the world around us, we experience something deeply insightful. We gain messages and understanding about our life and a whole new level of healing occurs. 

Each animal is unique in what it represents spiritually and as a physical being. Their messages are given out of love and respect for our world. Their teachings are there for us to learn about ourselves.

In this session we learn about the different ways animals show up as Spirit guides, totems, power animals and familiars. We then go through a deep shamanic meditation to discover our Spirit and guide animals. During this meditation you will receive messages, profound insights and guidance from them.

To end we connect to our animal through oracle and personal messages. With some homework on how you can embody this in your day to day life.  


Why Animal Activation?

Helps us in our personal development.

Gets to the root of stuck energies.

Soothes anxiety, depression and stress.

Gives us a deeper connection to the world around us.

Provides a deeper understanding of the self.


Treatments are given in a tranquil healing room attached to my home in Northamptonshire.

1 Hr £40

Distance (Online) £35

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“WOW what can I say. The Spirit guide session was all I wanted and more. I met some amazing animals on my inward journey and received so much insight. Ive been telling everyone to book”

– K.M

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