Reiki is love. Love is wholeness.
Wholeness is balance. Balance is well being.
Well being is freedom from Dis-ease.
– Dr Mikao Usui

Reiki is a Japanese, energy healing system developed by Dr Mikao Usui. The system consists of using specific hand positions and sacred symbols. It can be used to bring wholeness and healing on many levels and in all areas of life.

In today’s modern world, our bodies tend to get out of sync due to factors like our environment, contaminated food, stress, which leads to ailments such anxiety, depression and long-term illness. It is in such times, that energy healing techniques such as Reiki, come to the rescue. Through Reiki we can manage and balance the subtle energies that are within and all around us, bringing us back into alignment thus, enabling us to cope with the positive adjustments we need to make and living life to the fullest.

When we stop to take time for healing, we experience something deeply connecting. We have given ourselves a giant hug…permission to stop, slow down our mind and heal.

The beautiful thing about Reiki is that, whatever the problem, Reiki energy goes where it is needed to do the greatest good.

After a few sessions you will begin to feel changes in the body, receive messages from your higher self and feel an overall sense of emotional wellness.

During this treatment I bring together all my healing tools including coaching, crystals, colour, and oracle cards to give you a unique, deep healing experience.

The Science:

Quantum physicists have discovered that the fundamental building blocks of matter are made of energy. We are first and foremost energy.

Why Reiki?

Helps us in our personal development.

Gets to the root of stuck energies.

Soothes anxiety, depression and stress.

Removes toxins from the physical and energetic body.

Re-balances chakra systems.


Treatments are given in a tranquil healing room attached to my home in Northamptonshire.

1 Hr £45

30 Mins £30

Distance Healing (Online)
45 Mins – £40

Why not combine your treatment with something from our little shop of healing.

Wildflowers hand-grow and forage amazing healing oils to support you on your well-being Journey. Packed with organic herbs, essential oils, intentions and Reiki to add to your daily self-care routine or as a super healer in your bath!

“Honestly I feel like I’ve been floating on a cloud. Thank you so much. I cannot begin to explain how amazing I feel from your Reiki sessions. I booked in for a 12 week treatment plan and each session has taught me so much about myself and helped me to get rid of so much toxic energy.”

– L.B

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