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The first line of defence against health problems is you. Good self-care can prevent, delay, or reduce most health problems, including mental health issues. Gift yourself or your loved ones some deliciously smelling, energy cleansing, pampery goodness.

Every single item is Reiki infused and charged on my crystal grid.

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Self-care is a priority and a necessity,
Not a luxury!
– Wildflowers

Product highlight

How does the Christmas season often pan out for you? Do you end up exhausted and deflated? This Advent is 24 days of amazing quality self care tools, affirmations and Christmas spirit.

Have the most relaxing Christmas ever!

24 Days of self care

High quality products

Crystals, incense, candles and more

Items to last through the year

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Effective self-care is also about pampering yourself from time to time. My pamper product range is designed around deep relaxation. I have chosen herbs, oils and organic ingredients to soothe the skin, aid the body in relaxing and encourage the production of happy hormones.

Gift boxes

Our best seller and for good reason! These special boxes cover every need, every event and every down day. Packed with intention, healing, crystals, smudge, pamper items and so many special touches. If I don’t have a box that suits your needs, I will make it up for you.

Tarot & Oracle

If you are anything like me you will have lots of oracle decks. Why not add some more to your collection.


The gift of nature, that just keeps giving! Our plant allies support us on every single level, with every single illness and emotion. My range of home-made, hand foraged, hand grown, macerated oils will soothe you through your day.

Spell Candles

Hand made, spell cast, herbal candles to support your ritual and manifestation work.

Smoke cleansing

Our cleansing needs here in the UK are different to those everywhere else! I have researched the spiritual, emotional, medicinal and energetic properties of the plants we have on UK soil and have designed an amazing range of smoke sticks completely attuned to us!

Herbal Teas

A home blend of adaptogenic (stress reducing) loose leaf teas and powders designed to bring the body into balance and harmony.


Hello witchy you! I have some beautiful items for sale to decorate your sacred spaces through every season of the year.

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