By Ali at wildflowers Healing

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

Our subject today: Happiness

What if attaining happiness were as simple as planting a seed and growing it? What if you were given a single seed from which to grow a lifetime of happiness? Would you toss the seed onto a random pile of dirt and leave it to grow on its own? What type of plant would you expect to grow from an uncultivated pile of dirt?

Hope, happiness and love are perhaps the strongest positive emotional forces humans can experience. One of the ways to grow and nurture these feelings is to plant seeds in a garden, take care of them, watch them grow and reap the harvest of nourishment for body and soul.

Spring season brings re-birth and renewal to life. The quiet, rest gathered during the winter transforms into the shouts of spring when the bright colours of flower blossoms return. For most of us this return brings joy and hope and rightly so. This is the time of year to sow seeds directly into the ground for an early cool weather garden of the year.

Planting seeds carries hope in the very act of placing them in soil. A tiny seed holds not only the genetic material of its parents, it carries the hope that life will grow into something beyond imagination from such a small start. When seeds germinate and grow there is a joy in watching that life emerge. A tenderness and desire to nurture that life becomes a love that helps the plant grow and with it gratitude for witnessing that beauty.

The newness of March is a time to begin planting cool weather gardens. Poppies are some of my favourite flowers. I spread their seeds on the cool ground in late winter. By June their tafetta and chiffon like blooms thrill my heart.

As the plants grow, with nurture and protection, watering and weeding; feelings of hope, happiness and love inside us also grow.

And as the harvest of cool weather flowers and vegetables takes place starting in May, a new hope emerges for the hot weather miracles.

Harness this energy in your soul, realise that what is without is also within and hop into the energy flow of nature. You will feel a huge shift.