Hello lovely you!

I have felt a calling to write about a subject that has been a major part of my journey but also something that has amped up a notch these last two years…Healing.

When we choose to take that uncertain step and let ourselves heal, it is rarely an easy experience. Our choice to heal can be completely intentional or less so when we decide we are going to start or move forward on our ‘spiritual’ path without actually realising that it is going to unearth some s**t.

I know for certain that it takes strength and courage to walk this path. You may not believe me now, but I assure you that’s what is living deep in your bones! You are so capable and deserving of every level up you go through and I want you to remember this.

Growth is uncomfortable because you have to leave parts of you behind. Friendships, relationships, careers, deep routed versions of yourself that you created just to survive and step up into a place you’ve never been before. Try not to let it bring fear. You were born to be you and work your magick. All those choices showing up as risk or that leave you saying “I want this but I can’t because…” will change your life!

You are not supposed to understand why some things, people, behaviours have to be left behind. That understanding will come with time. You are not supposed to know what’s next, that will show up as a synchronicity. You are not supposed to know how you will do it, you will do this intuitively because this is the path you are meant to be on.

Just move with the flow, with loving kindness in your heart and wait for that moment where everything falls into place because this is you growing so deeply, changing to become the best version of yourself, for yourself.

Of course I hear you saying well… that’s easier said than done! I have said this soooo many times in my journey. I know that when you are in the thick of it, it’s very hard to take your own advice. When your mind is in the highest state of over thinking, over analysing and coming from a complete mind-set of Lack. Which is why we need a few things. Firstly our tribe, those people who support you positively, bloggers and podcasts that offer some amazing content that really resonates with you and our amazing animals that are so healing I can’t even put it into words! Try to be present next time you sit with them and you will feel this so deeply.

Secondly our self-care tool box. Building positive routines that keep you grounded and your stress levels even. Meditation, singing, chanting, exercise, being in nature, healthy eating, journaling, long hot baths to name but a few. These things are our stress relievers, the ways we can check in with ourselves, reminding us to show kindness and that everything that happening right now is because you are building self-worth and are creating your life in your own image.

I am here to support you to grow, to succeed, to find another way around your blocks and to be free to be the real you.

Do not shy away. For when we turn our heads, we cannot land among the stars where we deeply belong.