Do the seasons mess with your emotions?

Do you feel you’re in an emotional rollercoaster a lot of the time?

Melancholy can be a big challenge for many people.

As a collective, we are facing some difficult emotions at the moment. This, I feel, is stronger than usual. Being an energy healer, I feel it everywhere. We are navigating through uncertainties in the world, hearing strongly negative news and coming up against a lot of judgement. This leaves us in a spiral of negative thinking and can cause a lack mentality.

There are seasonal changes that can affect the mood such as Winter. Winter brings the downward energy of inertia, as the life-force of the trees return to their roots, and many animals go into hibernation. Within us a sense of lethargy, congestion and sluggishness can be reflected.

We are supposed to slow down in winter, we are supposed to sleep longer and rest more. If we can’t or don’t it can really affect our well-being.

Luckily, there are plant allies you can rely on to help lighten your spirit while you wait for the sun to come out and the weather to ease. Check out the list below or shop here for Wildflowers special bath and body blends.

How do oils work?

The inhalation of aromatic plants can be an extremely helpful tool for enhancing our state of mind. When we breathe in the volatile oils from a plant, it signals neurotransmitters which shift the chemistry in our brain, reduce the stress response and balance our mood.


Jasmine has been utilized by cultures throughout history in aromatic medicines and cosmetics to uplift the human spirit. Ayurveda, the traditional medical system of India, says Jasmine has an affinity for the nervous, endocrine and musculoskeletal systems, and is indicated for stress and depression. Jasmine essential oil has a sedative effect on the body, which can relieve tension and anxiety. It can also help to reduce spasms or pain in the muscle tissue.


Rosemary is a warming herb with an affinity for the brain and heart. This is due to the fact that the volatile oils of Rosemary are pungent, bitter and stimulating, and increase circulation. Rosemary can help to improve concentration and enhance your mood and can be a great remedy if your mind is feeling sluggish or foggy.

If you are feeling a sense of lethargy during the day, Rosemary makes for a tasty herbal tea. Add 1 tsp of loose leaf Rosemary to your tea infuser and pour hot water over top into a mug. Let the tea steep for at least five minutes, or until it is cool enough to drink. Feel free to add honey, a squeeze of lemon, or any other plants you would like to the drink. This tea may help you to maintain a keen sense of focus throughout the day.


For thousands of years, Sandalwood has acted as an aromatic centerpiece in many Asian cultures for various reasons – often a key plant used for spiritual practices, medicines, rituals, offerings, and in oils and perfumes. Due to these qualities, it is said to have a calming, cooling and awakening effect on the body and mind.

Traditionally, Sandalwood has been used to reduce heat and inflammation in the body, relieve headaches, stress, emotions of anger and frustration, and help with insomnia. It also has an affinity for the nervous system, and when utilized as an essential oil or incense, can stabilize the mind and return us to a more gentle place within. That being said, Sandalwood incense or essential oil can be a great addition to your meditation practice, as it may help to clear negative thoughts and harness a feeling of creativity and bliss.

Note: Please remember to check labels before purchasing any Indian Sandalwood product (Santalum album sp.), as the plant is threatened. Only buy it from trusted sources which either sell sustainably harvested or cultivated Sandalwood.


Lavender is well-loved throughout the world for its calming effects. It is a plant that many people might think of when looking for relaxing aromatic support. Like many of the botanicals listed in this article, Lavender has an affinity for the nervous system.

Lavender’s flowers have a sweet, floral aroma, and their medicinal properties are used for symptoms such as depression, restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, stress, headaches and migraines. Ayurveda also considers Lavender to be helpful in regulating the heartbeat, lowering blood pressure, soothing muscular and joint tension, and reducing inflammation, particularly on the skin.

Note: There are many different species of Lavender so it is worth doing your research to ensure you are using the right one for the right symptom.


What could be more heart-expanding than the entrancing smell of Rose?

Rose has the powerful ability to open and mend a wounded heart. In traditional medicine systems, Rose has been used to regulate hormones, balance the menstrual cycle, relax the nervous system, balance emotions and aid with sleep disruption. Rose can bring us back into our heart center, and help us to process difficult emotions. Rose has a cooling effect, and is said to have an affinity for the skin, so it can be helpful in relieving rashes or other irritations.

There are many ways that Rose can be utilized: you can simply steep fresh or dried petals in hot water to drink as an herbal tea, or add the petals into your next bath. Alternatively, Rose absolute (a much cheaper solvent-extracted alternative to essential oil) can be added to a diffuser to bring a sweet, perfumy scent to your environment, or you can dilute Rose absolute or essential oil with a carrier oil and wear it on your body.

I hope I have helped support you positively in some way or offered a self-care tool that has lifted you today.

Remember that you are so amazing, so deserving of happiness and this mood will pass!

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