Cleansing & Blessing

When you notice something clearly and see it vividly, it then becomes sacred.
– Wildflowers

“Our homes are such sacred spaces. They deserve our attention. 

I have always felt energy in everything. Not just us human’s but plants and objects. Everything is made up of tiny particles and has an energy… a vibration, and I feel it all.

Our homes are such sacred spaces. They deserve special attention because it is part of what holds us in our highest and lowest of times and everything in between. The spaces we are in engage with us and allow us to feel held, loved, safe. The more we allow this connection the more we feel how special and powerful every single particle is.

When we are vibrating our vibration alongside other vibrations, our energies mingle and are transferred. This stands for both high and low, light and shadow and the shadow needs some help leaving. 

And that’s where I come in. I will support you in clearing these energies, showing gratitude to your space and blessing the walls with words of affirmation, thus keeping the spirits high. 

My services can also be used for your well-being and workplaces.

 What does a session involve?
We will join together on a connection call to discuss your needs and I will create a ritual around cleansing your space and calling in blessings to hold the energy of your home.

~ Smoke cleansing with specially chosen herbs.
~ Negative energy cleanse and dark energy transmutation.
~ Selenite crystal cleansing.
~ Salt drop energy absorption.
~ Finding the heart of the home & placing Reiki orbs.
~ Wall blessing with your spoken intentions. 

Other related services:

Land Blessings:
~ A special blessing of your land to connect you on a deeper level to the space around you. This will be a ceremonial re-connection, bonding and energising experience that can take up to a few hours. 

~ Book me for your events and retreats. A special service of a cleansing and blessing ceremony using celtic saining techniques.



~ 3 Bedroom Full Home £50
~ More rooms £5 per room
~ Travel expenses if further than 4 miles

For quotes on workplaces or special land ceremonies please contact me. 

I was so sceptical when I booked this, but I knew my home needed it…We all did! Afterwards I didn’t realise how much it would effect everyone in the home. The space felt so much lighter and everyone slept so well and now I know how to look after us better.

– A.P

Why not combine your treatment with something from our little shop of healing.

Wildflowers hand grow and forage amazing healing herbs to support you on your well-being Journey. Our smoke cleansing range is packed with sacred herbs and set with deep energy and intentions

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