Birthday Blessing Ritual

When you notice something clearly and see it vividly, it then becomes sacred.
– Wildflowers

We not only nurture our sacred relationships through ritual, but we are nurtured by them as well!

We exist because our specific particulate arrangements won the battle against an astounding assortment of other arrangements all vying to be realised. By the grace of random chance, funnelled through universal and natural law, we are here and every year we are here, deserves to be celebrated. 

This is what rituals are for. We engage in ceremonies as human beings in order to create a safe resting place for transformation and celebration. And what better time to truly celebrate yourself, to shed the old and welcome in the new, than your birthday.

I am always honoured to celebrate and help guide people through different rites of passage and important moments in their lives.  Sometimes we need a little support and guidance to mark the passage from what has been to what is becoming. This space is truly all about you. To honour and celebrate every part of you and who you are to  become.

~ You will deepen your connection to yourself, to your journey here on this plain.
~ You will remember what it is like to truly be celebrated and seen.
~ You will leave behind the attachments to your previous year and experiences and move forward with the highest vibrations.
~ You will synchronise with the present moment and with each new moment, powerful manifestation.
~ You will find alignment with yourself and your next journey around the sun. 

I use my 15 years experience in therapy, spell craft, ritual craft, healing and Celtic herbalism to create a beautiful ritual and ceremony totally unique to you. My rituals include a blend of Druid, Shamanic, New Age and Indian practices that are well known for supporting people with positive and long lasting change, re-connection and spiritual development.

What is a Birthday Ritual?
Your birthday Ritual will be a 1-1 session encompassing your birth sign and deep inner workings. It involves a wide range of ceremonial and energetic materials to bring about a deeply immersive journey with the past, present and future self.

What does a session involve?
We will join together on a connection call to discuss your needs and I will create and hold the space for your personalised birthday ceremony. Below is a list of things that may be included. This ritual is best done the day before your birthday, but if this cannot be achieved we can celebrate when the timing aligns.

~ Smoke Cleansing
~ Candle and crystal Magick
~ Elemental & Earth Based Healing
~ Plant, Herb  & Ancestry Healing
~ Ritual & Ceremony
~ Intention Setting
~ Inner child
~ Meditation
~ Sound Healing
~ Intuitive Energy Healing
~ Celtic Ritual
~ Fire Ceremony



All sessions are held either in a tranquil treatment room, or via online methods.

1.5hr session
Ritual Room £60 or Earth Pod £85

Who its for…

~ Open minded people who are ready to celebrate themselves.
~ People who want to develop their spiritual senses of connection, awareness and inner peace.
~ People looking to heal their blocks, limiting beliefs and emotional traumas, finding their way to a very loved self.
~ People who are ready to step into a whole new lifted version of themselves.


Who its not for …

~ Those expecting quick fixes and overnight change. Long lasting growth takes time and patience.
~ Those who do not have time in their day to make new habits and become more mindful.
~ Those who don’t want change. Any ritual is an opportunity for transformation. To do a ritual, you must be willing to be transformed in some way.
~ Those looking to be ‘healed’ I work with you, holding space so you are able to find the way to healing yourself.


What a deeply spiritual and deeply connecting experience. I arrived so caught up in my healing and I left with such a positive and lightened heart. We delved so deep and I am  grateful to have experienced a healing like this. This is definitely worth every penny! 

– S.S

Why not combine your treatment with something from our little shop of healing.

Wildflowers hand grow and forage amazing healing herbs to support you on your well-being Journey. Our smoke cleansing range is packed with sacred herbs and set with deep energy and intentions

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