Animal Healing

The greatness of a nation can
be judge by the way its animals are treated.
– Ghandi

Animals are very intuitive and Reiki is a way for them to release any negative energy or stress they might be feeling and to help them find peace and minimise suffering.  It works on a deep, natural level restoring natural balance and boosting the immune system.  It will also speed up the healing process for any physical ailments.

The energy system of your pet is similar to that of a human being. And just as we go through different physical and emotional hardships, so do our pets. Our beloved animals take on our negative energies to help us through our hardships. These are often the cause of energy blockages which if left untreated can manifest on a physical level.

The session will involve distance or hands on healing. Balancing and boosting your pets energy body as well as giving them a message of love and strength. In my experience animals are extremely responsive to Reiki healing and you will notice a difference after the first session.


All treatments are given in the natural environment of each animal.

30 mins £25

4 week treatment plan £100

Why Animal Reiki?

Clears emotional stress past or present.

Soothes physical stress past or present.

Soothes general and separation anxiety.

Soothes abandonment upset.

Boosts the immune system.

Aids recovery from injury/ illness or surgery.

End of life, soothing the transition.

Please note that Reiki Practitioners do not diagnose or advise on veterinary treatments. Reiki is not an alternative to conventional medicine but can work wonderfully alongside it.

Why not combine your treatment with something from our little shop of healing.

Packed with organic herbs, essential oils, intentions and Reiki to bring peace and health to our animal friends.

“My dog suffers from separation anxiety. Ali came to my home and I could see her emotionally connect with Odin. I have never seen him more happy. I highly recommend Reiki for your pets.”

– S.C

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