About me

Hello lovely you!

Firstly, thank you for being here, I am so grateful you visited today.

Wildflowers Healing is a safe space for supporting you to navigate through the ups and downs of life. A place for a listening ear, an ‘aha’ moment or a soothing product.

I believe that in order to heal, we need to find connection. Connection to ourselves, each other and the Earth. The more we take time out to relax, the more connected we feel and the quicker and deeper we heal.

It is my deepest passion and biggest honour to serve you in finding your way back to that sacred space within you, and bringing it forth to nurture you through this wonderful, messy life.

Wildflowers have a range of natural, vegan and organic products that are designed to support you in taking that much needed ‘me time’.

I also offer alternative healing therapies that bring deep, soul level healing. Healing that goes beneath the surface. Healing that aids you in getting to the root. To those pesky stuck energies. Check out my range of healing services here.

Until then, be true to who you are and remember that you are AMAZING!

When you love nature, it loves you back.
With connection and the fragrance of flowers.
– Wildflowers

Wildflower Pets

It may surprise you to know that Wildflowers isn’t just a place where people can come for healing. Our friends in the animal kingdom deserve loving kindness too.

I offer a specialised Reiki service that supports your pets with their health and wellbeing. There is also a range of natural products to pamper your pets or soothe them in times of need.

For more information on what’s available please check out our animal healing page.

The natural healing force
within each of us
is the greatest force in getting well.
– Hippocrates

History & background

Hi I’m Ali Since I was a little girl I picked up on energy.  I was reacting to energies people were giving off before I understood what it all meant. Helping them to release it by taking it on myself. Safe to say I was a bit of a terror!

As I grew into this I began to differentiate between people, animals, nature. It was only natural that I started my healing journey through clearing, soothing and empowering the energies around me.

I spent most of my early adulthood delving into the healing properties of crystals and plants and eventually put myself through a psychology degree which led me on to supporting children and young people with their mental health and trauma. Whilst I adored helping people, I felt that there were too many blocks stopping us from getting to the root cause of our trauma and negative belief systems.

Meanwhile I found myself questioning why I was in a constant state of anxiety. My mind was a huge jumble of over thinking, over giving, over doing and over planning. I was chasing a version of me that may have looked successful on the outside, but felt desperately unfulfilling on the inside.

Something had to change and Covid 19 offered me the chance to stop, re-assess and make adjustments to the real me. I wasn’t going to waste that moment. It all started with self-care and rest.

My passion lies in encouraging and supporting others to make their physical and emotional health a priority. Taking time to relax and clear your energies each day makes all the difference! It does not have to be expensive and hard work.

How can I help?

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This is where the magic comes to life. Our little shop of healing.

Gift yourself or your loved ones some deliciously smelling, energy cleansing goodness.

Our products are designed to aid you in taking me-time in whatever shape or form that is right for you.

Everything we create is natural, organic, environmentally friendly and vegan. Most of the herbs are grown in our own special garden or foraged locally.