Ritual Healing

Inside every person there is a story to be told, a message to be heard and a space to feel love !
– Wildflowers

Do you wish to find meaning in your struggles?
Do you feel the urge to go deeper with your healing journey?
Do you enjoy ceremony, spell work and ritual or are you just curious?

Then this ritual healing experience may resonate with you.

When we sit in Ceremony and connect with ritual we feel and heal on such a deeper level. We connect back with the ‘old ways’ and with it, bring ancestral and astrological energies to the surface.

By attending to your mind, body, emotions and spirit, you can activate your own nourishing healing pathway and help yourself rise stronger, kinder and wiser.

You will leave behind old belief systems and negative patterns that have caused you to feel stuck. You will develop connection like no other. You will syncronise with the present moment. You will find alignment with yourself and your healing journey. 

I use my 15 years experience in therapy, spell craft, healing and Celtic herbalism to create a beautifully healing ritual and ceremony totally unique to you. My rituals include a blend of druid, shamanic, New age and Indian practices that are well known for supporting people with mental health, trauma, re-connection and spiritual development.

What is Ritual Healing?
Ritual healing is a form of traditional or alternative medicine rooted in spiritual or religious practices. It involves a wide range of ceremonial and energetic materials,

What does a session involve?
We will join together on a connection call to discuss your needs and I will create a personalised healing ceremony. Below is a list of things that may be included.

~ Smoke Cleansing
~ Candle and crystal Magick
~ Divine Masculine & Feminine
~ Elemental & Earth Based Healing
~ Plant, Herb  & Ancestry Healing
~ Ritual & Ceremony
~ Meditation
~ Sound Healing
~ Intuitive Energy Healing
~ Angel Healing
~ Celtic Ritual
~ Reiki Healing



All sessions are held either in a tranquil treatment room, or via online methods.

1.5hr session £65

Who its for…

~ Open minded people who are ready to make changes.
~ Those who are committed to showing up for themselves each session even when they feel like cancelling (allowances can always be made).
~ People who want to develop their spiritual senses of connection, awareness and inner peace.
~ People looking to heal their blocks, limiting beliefs and emotional traumas, finding their way to a very loved self.
~ People who want to find the way to supporting themselves though the ups and downs of life.


Who its not for …

~ Those expecting quick fixes and overnight change. Long lasting growth takes time and patience.
~ Those who do not have time in their day to make new habits and become more mindful.
~ Those looking to be ‘healed’ I work with you, holding space so you are able to find the way to healing yourself.


What a deeply spiritual and deeply connecting experience. I arrived so caught up in my healing and I left with such a positive and lightened heart. We delved so deep and I am  grateful to have experienced a healing like this. This is definitely worth every penny! 

– S.S

Why not combine your treatment with something from our little shop of healing.

Wildflowers hand grow and forage amazing healing herbs to support you on your well-being Journey. Our smoke cleansing range is packed with sacred herbs and set with deep energy and intentions

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