Smoke Cleansing Workshop

A wonderful way to come together and learn about the magick of herbal smoke cleansing.

Join me in an online workshop to learn all about the art of herbal smoke healing.


15th July 2022 ~ 19:00-20:30

Class description:

This will be an online workshop covering all the wonderful how’s and whys of using herbs to cleanse our bodies and our sacred space. 

What can I expect?

We will bring the body into harmony helping you to release all tension and be in a place to connect with the herbs you are using. 

We will then cover the basics of foraging and connecting to mother earth.

We delve into our ancestral connection to smoke cleansing and the magick behind it, helping you to connect to this practice, ensuring that you get the best results.

We will then make our bundles together with what you have brought to the session. I will cover the basics of loose leaf, bound and incense making. 

 Light your smudge and go through a special smudging ceremony with me.

To close we will come together to talk things through and reflect.

 Do I need to bring anything?

~ Herbs and leaves to make your smudge.
(I will send a list of options and where to gather when you sign up)
~ Scissors/ Secateurs.
~ Natural twine
~ An empty glass jar.
~ Your favourite mug.
~ A crystal (optional).

How do I book?

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Exchange £23

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“A lovely way to relax and unwind after a long week at home/ work. I felt so relaxed and learnt some great tips for looking after my well-being. So many unique touches I can’t wait till the next one”


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