Adaptogenic powders that soothe and re-balance.

Enjoy a cup of Wildflowers Moon Milk.

A powdered blend of flowers, herbs and spices inspired by my travels around India and my absolute passion for Aryuveydic energy healing.

These blends bring the essences and spirit of herbal healing plants to a whole new level.

Take yourself of a journey with a sip of soothing Tea. 


This beautiful blend of herbs and spices take you on a trip into the body.

~ Anti-inflammatory
~ Increase brain function
~ Soothes nervous system
~ Packed with antioxidants
~ Skin cell renewal & care
~ Balances Solar Plexus

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This blend takes you on a journey to opening the heart.

~ Packed with vitamin C&E
~ Immune boosting
~ Supports hormone balance & menstral pain naturally
~ Opens and soothes the heart
~ Balances Heart Chakra
~ Skin renewal and care

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Recommended use

~ Heat a cup of part water, part milk in a pan.
~ Add 1 teaspoon of powder and focus on an intention while stirring.
~ Bring to the desired heat (DO NOT BOIL).
~ Use a strainer to lift out any bits for a smoother drink…and enjoy.

Tip: You can stir a spoon full into your bath for a dreamy bathing experience too!

Lets collaborate

I would love to help with your retreat

I just adore the stillness and meditative aspect of sipping tea. The beauty and retrospective connection that is felt & deeply embodied. I would love to share this at your sacred ceremonies in whatever way feels right.

If this is something that aligns with you, please email