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Your mind is a garden, Your thoughts the seeds.
You can grow flowers, Or you can grow weeds.
– Osho

Welcome, by showing up here you have taken an amazing step to putting your health and well-being first!

It is my deepest passion and biggest honour to serve you. We will move together through intuitive conversations, the flow of energy, somatic movement and breathwork and our magic combined, to find your way back to that sacred space within you, and bring it forth to nurture you through this wonderful, messy life.

I offer natural alternative therapies, intuitive 1-1 well-being coaching, spiritual development, sacred ceremonies, emotion & trauma release breathwork sessions, sound healing, celtic tool making workshops and have a range of magickal products that help you to relax, de-stress and take care of your well-being from the comfort of your own home.

When we have been guided to healing, we experience something deeply connecting.
We gift ourselves with the path home. We have listened to our inner voice and created space within us to grow. In this space wonderful things happen.

There is a magickal element to everything I do, as I weave in ritual, energy and symbol work to help you to answer your souls call for re-connection to the self.

Now that we have aligned, let this wonderous journey begin…


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Wildflowers Pledge

I pledge to support you in finding your way back home. Whatever that place means to you.
I know how much we need this right now and i’ve got you.

Why choose me

  • Over 12 years experience in offering many forms of energy healing & well-being support.
  • BSC in Psychology weaving psychology and spirituality together.
  • Heart led, intuitive support that really works.
  • Healing is not something I do, it’s something I am.
  • I am constantly learning and adding new skills to give you support that treats the whole, not just the symptoms.
  • Science backed holistic treatments.
  • Naturally grown, foraged herbs and flowers.
  • Harm to none approach.
  • Personal touches that are unique to my services.

Sacred Service


A wonderful way to come together and share our life skills.

I am constantly connecting to new and relatable workshops for you to come and relax, heal and learn new skills.

Click here to find something that resonates with you.


This is where the magic comes to life. My little shop of healing.

Gift yourself or your loved ones some deliciously smelling, energy cleansing goodness.

These products are designed to aid you in taking me-time in whatever shape or form that is right for you.

Everything I create is natural, organic, environmentally friendly and vegan. Most of the herbs are grown in my own special garden or foraged locally.

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